Full Circle Suds Up Dish Sponge Set

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The Suds Up Dish Sponge Set (Includes 1 Dish Sponge Scrubber and 4 Refill Heads) is the ultimate way to clean your dishes while protecting the planet and the members of your household. This unique synthetic sponge alternative features a biodegradable sponge head that is all natural and free of chemical colorants and additives. Ultra durable to stand up to heavy scrubbing, the sponge is replaceable when it becomes worn out.

Not only is the sponge head featured on this green dish brush eco-friendly, but its handle is also good for the planet because it is crafted from sustainable bamboo. This fast-growing plant has less of an environmental impact than hardwood and is free of potentially toxic chemicals like BPA and phthalates. As an added feature, the Suds Up Dish Sponge Set can be filled with dish soap. With just the touch of a button, the sponge will dispense the soap directly onto the object that you're washing, making cleaning much easier.

This Suds Up Dish Sponge Set is a complete starter package and includes one full Suds Up Dish Sponge with head and handle as well as four replacement heads.