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When you have a big load of very dirty dishes, you need more than just an ordinary wash cloth to get everything sparkling clean, but before you reach for that disposable scouring pad, have you ever stopped to think about its environmental impact? After you throw away your nylon scrubber, the disposable pad takes decades to decompose, and though just one scrubber may not have much of an effect, each scrubber that you throw away adds up to more and more waste in our landfills.

The natural dish brushes and dish scrubbers collection at the Paperless Kitchen features eco-friendly scouring pad alternatives. The products included in the lineup are tough enough to remove baked on food and grease and can be reused multiple times. The scrubbers and sustainable dish brushes are made with plant-based plastic and bamboo, rather than synthetic chemical-based plastic, so their manufacturing is better for the planet as well.


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