Easy Greasy

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The Easy Greasy Colanders were created by Michelle Jones Schroeder, a busy working mom and inventor. She was tired of struggling to strain unhealthy, messy grease from her food. Her kids love tacos and meat sauce, but it was always such a pain that she hated to cook those types of food. She hated balancing her strainer on various bowls, and grease had not been kind to her kitchen drain. So she developed the Easy Greasy Strain & Save Kitchen Colander and hope it helps you too! Since it's creation, she's heard of lots of other ways people use Easy Greasy - like for rinsing vegetables and using the container to catch drips, defrosting chicken breasts so the container catches all the messy liquid and lots more! Easy Greasy is dishwasher safe, BPA free and made in the USA.

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