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Eco Products has one simple mission--to make "sustainable disposables" more than a puzzling oxymoron. The company specializes in producing disposable plates, bowls and eating utensils that can take the place of paper, plastic and Styrofoam alternatives. By using bagasse sugarcane fibers, corn starch and other sustainable materials, Eco Products allows you to enjoy the convenience of disposable dishes and cutlery guilt-free. All of the Eco Products sugar cane plates and bowls and vegetable starch forks, spoons and knives are 100 percent biodegradable and compostable, so they'll readily break down after disposal to keep the planet cleaner.

Paperless Kitchen has a variety of Eco Products sustainable kitchen products that are ideal for homes, businesses and commercial food service businesses. Our selection lets you by paper plate replacements and plastic silverware alternatives in bulk for entertaining, stocking up for your family or serving your customers. Discover the green impact of sustainable disposables by shopping the collection now.

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