Metal Kitchen Accessory Alternatives

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Metal finds its way into our kitchens in many ways, but no matter what products contain the metal, they represent the use of valuable mineral resources that are non-renewable. While metals can be a more sustainable choice than plastics or paper due to their recyclable nature, using other alternatives whenever possible can help to decrease the size of your carbon footprint.

Paperless Kitchen stocks a range of products that can take the place of certain metal products in your kitchen, including trivets and coasters. All of our metal kitchen accessory alternatives are fashioned out of eco-friendly materials, such as organic jute and cotton. Not only are our products greener than metals, but they're also more effective in many cases. For example, our handmade organic cotton coasters better absorb moisture than metal, keeping tabletops and counters neater and drier. Start exploring our collection now to see the many benefits of making the switch from metal kitchen accessories.
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