Paper Towel Alternatives

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Think that switching from paper towels to paper towel alternatives won't make a difference? Think again! If every U.S. household consumed just one fewer roll of paper towels annually, we could save as many as 544,000 trees per year! Imagine what we could do if those of us committed to creating a paperless kitchen never used them again. That's our vision here at Paperless Kitchen and why we have put together one of the largest selections of paper towel alternatives found anywhere.

Our collection of paper towel replacements includes something for every green cleaning task. From products that are perfect for cleaning windows and glass to solutions that make it easy to wipe up spills, you'll find an array of household cleaning products that out perform paper towels in our inventory. Start your shopping now to find the perfect green cleaning cloths and other paper towel alternatives for your kitchen and the rest of your home.
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