Plastic Bottle Alternatives

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Plastic bottles are the ultimate in convenience, but they're hardly the best choice for the planet. These products are made up of petrochemicals, so even when if they are eventually recycled, they use up valuable petrochemical resources that can never be replaced. Plus, many bottles contain chemical additives, and some of these have been clinically shown to negatively affect the human body, causing everything from hormonal imbalances to cancer.

This doesn't mean that you should never drink again; it simply means that you find greener solutions from which to sip. That's why Paperless Kitchen is committed to helping you find the best plastic bottle alternatives on the market. We carry only nontoxic, sustainable plastic bottle replacements that you can fill with water or your favorite beverage and sip when on the go. Our reusable, eco-friendly plastic bottle alternatives will also save you money, as they're much cheaper than buying bottled sodas and water when you're on the go.
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