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All-natural, effective cleaning is just a flip of a switch away when you bring home a Vapamore steamer. These powerful steam cleaners use plain water heated to high temperatures to produce a steam that kills many varieties of household bacteria, mold, mildew and pests like bedbugs. In addition, Vapamore steam cleaners leave carpets and upholsteries smelling fresh and quickly remove dust and debris from hard surfaces.

The Vapamore steamer collection contains two highly effective models for eco-friendly homes. The MR-50 Steam Vacuum combines the cleaning power of a hand-held wet-dry vacuum with an effective steam cleaner, so that you can tackle virtually any cleaning job in your home. The award-winning MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner is a full-size, rolling steam cleaner with a variety of attachments to simplify cleaning. Both are ETL tested and certified and backed by manufacturer's warranties. Start exploring the many features of Vapamore steamers today for greener cleaning in your home tomorrow.

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