Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner the Green Way

In a recent post, we talked about some products that could help you set a greener table for Thanksgiving. For this edition of our blog, we'll show you some great eco friendly tools to use when you're preparing the meal. These products are made by Bambu and Toockies, which both manufacture their products out of sustainable and organic materials.


1. Bambu Stainless Steel Cheese Plane - Use this handy tool for slicing cheese for hors d'oeuvres or for adding to recipes.

2. Bambu Serrated Utility Knife/Spreader - This handy knife is perfect for a wide variety of tasks as well as for spreading butter.

3. Bambu Bamboo Classic Mixing Spoon - You're sure to use a wooden spoon at some point while you're cooking for Thanksgiving. When it's this spoon that you'll be stirring with bamboo instead of hardwood.

4. Toockies Square Joy Pot Holder - Protect your hands when you're taking the turkey out to baste with these handmade pot holders.

5. Toockies Flower Trivet - Use this organic jute trivet to protect the counter top or the table.

6. Bambu Bamboo Tapered Spatula - You're sure to need this handy spatula when you're cleaning out the bowl after making your pumpkin pie.

7. Bambu Bamboo Slotted Spoons - Check to see if the veggies are finished in the water without making a mess with the help of these slotted spoons.

8. Bambu Medium Undercut Bamboo Cutting Board - Whatever you're chopping up this Thanksgiving, make sure it's on this bamboo cutting board to protect the planet.

Which of these products are you most looking forward to adding to your collection? Tell us in the "Comments."



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