4 Steps to a Chemical Free Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, you want to fill yourself up with turkey and all of the trimmings, but you don't want to overload yourself on chemicals. Unfortunately, many of the things we traditionally eat on Thanksgiving can be tainted with chemicals of all types. By following these simple tips, you can decrease your family's exposure to various toxins this Thanksgiving.


1. Be choosy about your bird. - While in the U.S., it's illegal for turkey to contain hormones, you can still find some unwanted ingredients in your turkey, particularly ones that are labeled as 'self-basting.' To get the best bird, choose one purchased fresh from a farm or one labeled with organic certification from the USDA.


2. Ditch the cans. The lining in tin cans often contains BPA, a known toxin. By choosing fresh fruits and veggies in place of canned fare, you'll also spare yourself a lot of sodium.


3. Go organic for your mash. - Make sure your mashed potatoes are organic! Potatoes are one of the veggies that the Environmental Working Group has identified as having high rates of pesticide contaminants. The celery for your stuffing and the zucchini, spinach and collard greens for your Thanksgiving sides are on there, too, so plan accordingly!


4. Pick the right plastic. When you're cooking, serving or eating dinner, only use plastic dinnerware, utensils and tools that are free of BPA.


5. Eat it cleaner. Before you use any fruits and vegetables in your Thanksgiving recipes, give them a wipe down with Eat Cleaner Wipes to remove residues from chemicals as well as germs and dirt.



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