Four Steps to Recycling and Composting at Your Thanksgiving Dinner


Want to have as little waste as possible when Thanksgiving Dinner comes to a close? Follow these simple steps and you'll minimize waste in a festive way!


1. Collect two old metal trashcans. You may have some around your house or you can usually find them at junk shops or online.


2. Spray paint the trash cans using a low VOC, nontoxic spray paint. Pick a festive Thanksgiving color like brown, gold or orange.


3. On the lids, use a nontoxic paint to write "Recyclables" on one and "Food and Paper" on the other. 


4. Line the cans with a compostable, biodegradable garbage bag. You can head over to our sister store LeafyClean to check out our Bio Bags collection for product ideas. 


5. Place them in the kitchen or another easy-to-access area.


Let guests know about your collection bins and then watch as they use them! At the end of the party, you'll have one bag ready for your composting pile or collection station and one for the recycling bins!


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