Send Home the Holiday Leftovers the Green Way

We've recently added Wean Green products to our inventory here at Paperless Kitchen, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. These containers are the eco friendly way to pack leftovers from those special holiday dinners to save in the fridge or send home with friends and family.

Wean Green containers are made out of tempered glass and have securely fastening nontoxic plastic lids. Unlike other similar food containers that you'll find on the market, these colorful and durable options have been rigorously tested to ensure that the tabs don't break off with frequent use. If a tab can go through 3 million openings and closings in the lab, it's sure to hold up in your home.

We have Wean Green containers in a wide variety of sizes, so head over to the brand page and stock up for the holidays! 


                                       WEAN GREEN WEAN TUBS GARDEN PACK 



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