General Motors Manufacturing Plant Goes Landfill Free

Many businesses are struggling to reduce the amount of waste that they produce and dealing with many obstacles along the way. A recent press release shows the importance of not giving up on the goal of being waste-free, as it explains how a large manufacturing facility in Rochester, New York, managed to go completely paperless. That's quite a feat for 1.7 million square foot facility.

It took an effort over 4 years to finally eliminate all landfill-bound waste from the facility and required the teamwork of every employee. Some of the changes the company implemented to reach its goal were quite simple. For instance, management moved the location of recycling bins to make them more accessible in office areas, on the shop floor and outside in dumpster areas.

The company also did an excellent job of communicating with employees about what the benefits of their waste reduction efforts are. They shared information about how much the company saved by recycling. In addition, they showed employees profiles about the various recycling facilities that accepted their paper, cardboard and other recyclable waste. The training and communications helped to get everyone on board.

While GM did have to invest in the development of new technologies to eliminate much of their industrial waste, many of the changes the company made could be easily implemented at your business or any other in the country.


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