5 Great Green Gifts for Babies

Babies are always hard to shop for at the holiday season, as it can be difficult to know just what they might benefit from. This year, simplify shopping by selecting practical green gifts that Mom and Dad will appreciate and that Baby can help open. Here are five green gift ideas for infants:

1. Bambu Baby Feeding Starter Set


This set includes two infant feeding spoons and a bowl made out of nontoxic organic bamboo. The packaging makes the gift charming, particularly if you finish it with a pretty ribbon.

2. thinkbaby All in One


With this unique feeding system, Mom and Dad can assemble pieces to create two baby bottles, two sippy cups and two straw bottles. The components are made out of nontoxic silicone and polypropylene and were designed with the help of pediatricians.

3. thinkbaby Blue Feeding Set


This set includes essentials for packing snacks for Baby while on the go and enjoying meals at home. Mom and Dad will get two infant feeding spoons, a bento box, two cereal bowls and a mug. All of the materials are nontoxic, including the storage lids.

4. thinkbaby Blue Bento Box


This bento box makes a great stocking stuffer and is perfect for families that are always on the go. Mom and Dad can keep using it for packing lunches when their little one grows.

5. Wean Green Wean Cubes Garden Pack


If you know a Mom or Dad who makes their own baby food, this set of nontoxic glass storage containers is sure to come in handy.



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