10 Great Green Gifts for Kids

Got some kiddos to shop for this holiday season? Get them gifts that are eco friendly and help protect the planet for their futures. These 10 gifts include both fun and functional gift ideas for kids.

1. Bambu Kid's Utensil Fork & Spoon Set


In this set, there is a fork and spoon made out of organic bamboo. The utensils are perfectly designed for little fingers to grip with ease.

2. Ecoditty Snack Ditty Color Your Own Organic Snack bag


Part craft, part snack bag, this gift set includes all of the goodies needed to help kids create a custom cotton snack bag for taking to school or day care.

3. Green Toys Chef Set


Kids can create pretend meals galore with this set of toys made out of recycled plastic.

4. Green Toys Dinnerware Set


Made out of recycled plastic, this dinnerware set will enliven kids' imaginations.

5. Green Toys Green Eats Tabletop Set


Pretend tables will be elegantly set for certain with these recycled plastic play dishes.

6. Green Toys Pizza Parlor Set


Perfect for inspiring creative play, this recycled plastic set lets kids set up a pizza shop in the playroom.

7. Green Toys Sandwich Shop


Let kids create their very own sandwich shop while protecting the planet with these nontoxic recycled plastic toys.

8. Green Toys Tea Set


The tea party will be a greener affair when the tea is served in these nontoxic plastic cups and saucers.

9. thinkbaby Thinkster Straw Bottle


Help kids transition from the sippy cup to the straw with this nontoxic silicone and propylene straw bottle, which is an award-winning design.

10. Peopletowels Plant a Tree Gift Set


With this kit, kids get the essentials for planting a tree and watching it grow.



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