10 Great Green Gifts for College Students

If you'll be visiting with college students over the holidays and want to give them a present they really can use, green gifts for dorms and off campus housing are ideal. Check out these 10 best sellers:

1. Bambu Bamboo Veneerware Silverware Set


College kids each tons of takeout, and with this silverware set, they'll always have forks, knives and spoons on hand for supper. The utensils are disposable and made out of bamboo.

2. Casabella i-Clean


This foldable microfiber cleaning cloth is perfect for smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. It removes oily fingerprints, dust and even food debris without water or cleaning products.

3. Eco Lunch Box Three-in-One Set


When they're packing up snacks to enjoy between classes, these nontoxic stainless steel lunch tins will come in handy.

4. Oots Luncbox


Perfect for picnicking on the lawns on a warm day, this Oots Lunchbox helps to keep food at the perfect temperature and is 100 percent nontoxic.

5. SKOY Deluxe Kitchen Set


The 12 cellulose cleaning cloths in this set are washable and reusable. College students can use them for cleaning sinks, dishes and bathrooms in en suites.

6. ThinkSport LiveStrong Stainless Steel Sport Bottle in Silver


Perfect for hot beverages and cold beverages alike, this nontoxic stainless steel water bottle can go to class, the library or the gym with ease.

7. To-Go Ware RePEat Complete Bamboo Utensil Set


This set of four reusable bamboo utensil sets comes with carrying cases that can clip onto backpacks or be hung from a convenient spot in the kitchen area.

8. Toockies Circulation Gloves


Help her get her skin smooth and soft with these circulation gloves, which are handmade out of organic cotton.

9. Twist Naturals Set


With the four cleaning tools in this set, there will be no excuse for leaving the dishes in the sink until tomorrow.

10. People Towels Don't Panic Set


These hip and colorful organic cotton towels are perfect for the gym, hand-wiping or even cleaning up a spill.



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