Introducing...New Additions to the Full Circle Collection

We've just expanded our selection of Full Circle Home products and are pleased to introduce some new ways for you to green your kitchen and have a more eco friendly lifestyle. Here are four great products you're going to want to try:

1. Full Circle Home Daytrip Beverage Bottle - Available in four colors, this water bottle is made out of glass instead of plastic, so it doesn't change the flavor of beverages or taint them with toxins.


2. Full Circle Home On the Go Lemon Glass Water Bottle - If you love lemon water, this water bottle is about to become your new best friend. It actually has a juicer in the lid, so you can make your lemon water (or lime water or orange water or cucumber water) one drink at a time.


3. Full Circle Home Tater Mate Potato Brush with Eye Remover - This handy tool removes grime from potatoes and those pesky eyes. It's made of a mix of bamboo and recycled plastic.


4. Full Circle Home Lean and Mean Scrub Brush - This recycled plastic scrub brush is so effective at removing dirt and debris that you'll want to use it in every room!


These four products are great additions to any green home, and you can get them now in our Full Circle products department.


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