Improve Your Dishwashing Routine with Casabella

We just added a whole lineup of new products from Casabella. Specializing in smart cleaning tools that are as attractive as they are sustainable, Casabella makes things you simply won't find anywhere else.

One of the specialties of the brand is dishwashing supplies, and we have a host of new solutions for you to discover, including:

1. Casabella 2 in 1 Foam & Scrub Sponge - A scrubber on one side, a sponge on the other, this tool is sure to come in handy. 

2. Casabella Dish & Flatware Sponge & Squeegee - When you use these tools to scrape your dinnerware before washing, you can use less water.

3. Casabella Fine China & Crystal Cloths - If you simply need to take the dust off the good dishes and glassware, give them a buff and polish with these cloths.

4. Casabella Hands Away Surface Scrubber - If your hands are raw and irritated from winter weather, keep them away from the water with this nifty scrubber.

5. Casabella Grab It Sponge  - Never drop your sponge in the skin again! This microfiber cleaning tool has a strap to keep it in place whether you're using the scrubbing side or the wiping side.

6. Casabella Maxi Brush Scrubber - Available in three bold colors, this heavy-duty scrub brush is perfect for your large cookware.

7. Casbaella Sparkle Scrub Sponges - These pretty sponges have a textured surface for loosening stubborn debris.

8. Casabella Smart Scrub Soap Dispensing Dish Brush - With this dish brush, you can dispense soap while you scrub to enhance the tool's cleaning power.

9. Casabella Superglide Sponge - For a larger sponge that can clean anything, try this microfiber model.

10. Casabella Swivel Dish Brush - The head on this dish brush swivels to make cleaning in corners a cinch.

You can check out these and our other new Casabella products right here at Paperless Kitchen.


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