5 New Ways to Pack Your Lunch with Fit & Fresh

During back to school season, we added two Fit & Fresh products to our collection, and after getting great feedback about them from our customers, we've added some new Fit & Fresh products to the Paperless Kitchen collection. Here are 10 of the latest and greatest items you'll find right here on our site:

1. Fit & Fresh Fruit and Veggie Bowl - This handy container has a built-in ice pack, four sections for fruits and veggies and a central lidded container for dip or dressing.


2. Fit & Fresh Jaxx Shaker - Available in four colors, this handy shaker is perfect for mixing weight loss shake and protein shakes because of its unique agitator.


3. Fit & Fresh Lunch Pod - This durable hard plastic container has a built-in ice pack and plenty of room for your sandwich.


4. Fit & Fresh Lunch Set - A set of three nesting containers, this set lets you bring a sandwich and two sides while keeping everything cool with a built-in ice pack.


5. Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker - With this container, you just pour in the salad dressing, turn the knob and shake to distribute it all over your salad when it's time to eat. The design includes an ice pack.



All Fit & Fresh products are free of BPA, making them nontoxic and safe for your family. Check out the entire collection to find the best way to pack your lunch!


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