New Green Disposables from Eco Products

We have recently expanded our collection of Eco Products green disposables to give you more ways to enjoy the convenience of throwaway dinnerware without contributing to the planet's paper or plastic waste problems. Like all Eco Products products, these items are biodegradable and compostable.


Here are some of the new products:

1. Eco Products Hot Cups - Made out of PLA corn-based plastic and sugarcane, these cups come in different sizes and keep your fingers safe from hot drinks.


                                    12 ounce Hot Cups


2. Eco Products Cold Cups - These 100 percent PLA cups are ideal for all kinds of cold drinks. They come in different sizes and coordinate with domed lids for on-the-going sipping without any spills.



3. Eco Products Drinking Straws - Available in two different sizes, these straws are wrapped in sugarcane paper and are made of PLA.



4. Eco Products Soup Containers - These ultra durable bowls are extra thick for soups and stews. They are crafted out of sugarcane and lined with PLA.



Check out these new items and the rest of our Eco Products offerings here at Paperless Kitchen.


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