New Green Sprouts Products Available

We have gotten some rave reviews of our Green Sprouts products and have decided to expand our inventory and carry some new products from this green, BPA-free brand for kids. Some of the new pieces you'll find in our collection include:


- Green Sprouts Aqua Bottles - Sold in 5 colors, these toddler water bottles are unbreakable and have integrated straws.



- Green Sprouts Eco-Friendly Cornstarch Dinnerware - Made from corn-based plastics, this dinnerware line includes a bowl, a divided plate and a utensil set.




- Food Storage Cubes - Stackable, freeze-able and completely nontoxic, these are great for baby food.



- Green Sprouts Garden Lunch Line - This line of matching lunch bags, snack bags and nontoxic ice packs makes lunchtime greener.




- Green Sprouts Safari Utensil Set - Ready to travel with the included carrying case, this set includes a fork, a spoon and chopsticks.



- Green Sprouts Safari Bento Box in Blue Hippo - Toddlers love the Safari bento boxes, which are shaped like animals. We're pleased to offer the hippo to join the crocodile, the monkey and the lion.



These are just a few of the new Green Sprouts products in our collection. Check out the whole product line today.


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