Paperless Kitchen Tested: Snack Time rePETe

The ChicoBag  collection is one of our newest lines here at Paperless Kitchen. Recently, I put the Snack Time rePETe snack bags to the test to see how they worked.


The Basics:


Snack Time rePETe snack bags are made of recycled plastic polyester fabric. They have a sort of slippery, satiny feel. The bag has a fold-over flap with Velcro and a top closure. There is also a piece of sticky Velcro on the tab and two of the fuzzy Velcro tabs on the bag. At first, I wasn’t sure why there were two, but when I started playing with it more, I realized that the two tabs allow you to adjust the size.


The Test:


I’ll admit it. When I first looked at the snack bag, I thought, “This is going to leak,” but to my surprise it didn’t. I tried tortilla chips, a sandwich and even raisins inside without any leakage. With the sandwich, the bread didn’t get stale even after being in the bag for a few hours in the fridge. I did have a little trouble getting it out of the bag neatly, so I would say this bag is more for snacks.


The Wash:


The Snack Time rePETe snack bags are machine-washable. I laundered mine, and you couldn’t tell that it had been washed. It looked as good as new.


The Takeaway:


I would definitely use this bag to take along snacks on an airplane or a road trip, and it would be useful for the office or school. As I explained, it’s really not meant to be a sandwich bag, so stick to putting your munchies in it.


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