BPA Is in Most Canned Foods, Study Shows

We've talked about the dangers of BPA in the past in our blog. This additive that is used in plastic and metal packaging has been shown to cause hormonal changes in the body and is now believed to be linked to problems with fetal, infant and child development. Many people are now making the switch to BPA free plastic products and alternatives to plastic like silicone baby bottles and bamboo dinnerware, but a new study shows that simply eating a canned food can expose you to the toxin.

 Thinkbaby Silicon Baby Bottle

A study conducted by the Ecology Center examined a large number of canned foods, testing to see whether or not there was BPA present in the food inside the can. Roughly two-thirds of all of the foods tested contained at least trace amounts of BPA. Around 71 percent of Del Monte can goods were BPA positive as well as 50 percent of the canned goods from General Mills. Canned goods from other brands, including Campbells, also tested positively.


There were some canned good brands that passed the BPA free test across the board, including:


- Amy's Kitchen

- Annie's Homegrown

- ConAgra

- Eden Foods

- Hain Celestial


After the report was released, Campbells quickly issued a statement saying that the brand will use BPA free packaging for all of their products by 2017. Given the strong negative public outcry over the study, we can hope that other brands will follow suit. In the meantime, health conscious consumers will have to look for canned foods from the brands mentioned above and take steps to limit their exposure to BPA with other products.

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