Paperless Kitchen Tested: iRecycle App Review

We all know that it's better to recycle things than simply toss them in the garbage, but with some items, it can be hard to know where to go to ensure that your waste ends up being reused rather than tossed into a landfill. An app called iRecycle is designed to make it easier to help you recycle all types of items that you use around your house. Read on for a full review.


iRecycle app

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About iRecycle

iRecycle is an attractive, straightforward app that allows you to find the nearest location for recycling a wide variety of common items. The app uses the GPS in your smartphone and its registry of recycling locations to help you find the closest recycling location.


Pros of iRecycle

- Cost. iRecycle is free for both Android and iOS devices.

- Completeness. You'd really be hard pressed to find something that can be recycled that isn't covered by iRecycle. The app has information about recycling automotive parts, batteries, construction supplies, electronics, garden supplies, glass, hazardous materials, household products, metal, paint, paper and plastic. When you click on each category you get a list of dozens of items to choose from.

- Detailed Information. When you click on a location, you can get their phone number, a link to their website and their address for your reference. The app also shows you a list of what is accepted and lets you know about any restrictions on the recycling programs.

- Easy to Use. The app is very intuitive, and you don't have to register for an account to use it.


Cons of iRecycle

- Not Up to Date. The last update for iRecycle was back in 2013. There's a chance that some of the locations on the lists the app returns no longer exist or accepts certain items, and there may now be closer places than the locations the app shows. Still, the app provides a good starting point for finding recycling facilities. I would recommend calling the locations to make sure they still accept items before you make a trip.


Overall, we would highly recommend iRecycle for anyone who wants to recycle more of the items that they use at home or in the workplace. With listings for more than 350 kinds of items, the app may even help you discover new ways of recycling that you never considered before.

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