The Paper Steps: Ways to Shop for Paper

Nowadays, there are so many copy papers that say they are "eco friendly," "green," "Earth friendly" and so on. In the United States, these terms don't have any specific meaning, as their use is not regulated. As a result, people often buy all types of products, not just paper, and end up with something less green than they thought.


The Environmental Paper Network is committed to helping people make better choices about the papers that they buy and has put together a helpful guide to choosing paper called "The Paper Steps." When you shop for paper, you can refer to the guide to make your choice. The guide has four types of paper:


- Environmentally Superior Paper - The most eco-friendly and the preferred first choice.


- Environmentally Improved Paper - An eco responsible product that can be used when an Environmentally Superior Paper is not available.


- Transitional Paper - A paper that is mediocre in terms of its sustainability that should only be purchased with other types are not available.


- Environmentally Inferior Paper - Not eco conscious and to be avoided whenever possible


You can see the full guide here at




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