Toxins Can Impede Weight Loss

Got a New Year's Resolution to lose weight? Better expand your resolution to go BPA-free as well. The latest research indicates that toxins like BPA can make it more difficult to shed pounds.

Here's why:

- BPA (as well as many other toxins like pesticides and chemical food additives) is stored inside of your fat cells.

- Because the toxins are found inside of fat, they cannot be easily removed by the body. They tend to accumulate inside of stored fat slowly over the years.

- Research shows that accumulations of BPA and other toxins can interfere with leptin, an important hormone that triggers the feeling of being full. This can lead to overeating.

- BPA and other toxins can also cause the thyroid to function improperly, which slows down the metabolism.

Fortunately, your liver can filter out stored toxins, but the trick is to reduce your exposure to them, so that what is stored can be processed, according to the Victoria Advocate. This means eating more organic foods and eliminating plastic food containers, plastic dinnerware and other items that contain BPA from your household. Paperless Kitchen has an array of nontoxic BPA free dinnerware and food prep and storage items to help you go BPA-free and possibly increase your chances of weight loss.


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