We recently wrote a post about how humans are impacting bees. Well, it turns out that one of our brands is lending a hand to the honeybees!


Bambu recently announced that they are partnering with the Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab to help fund research into the plight of the honeybees. Populations of bees have dropped dramatically in recent years, and scientists are working hard to understand why.


The Honey Bee Research and Extension program studies the health of bees in Oregon and helps support the efforts of local beekeepers who are trying to restore bee populations. Bambu made a contribution to the lab and is working on a line of products to sell to further support the lab.


This is just another example of Bambu's ongoing commitment to protecting the planet. The brand only uses certified organic materials and nontoxic adhesives in the design of their kitchen products. You can check out the entire Bambu collection here at Paperless Kitchen.




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