Bambooee Wows the Sharks on "Shark Tank"




WARNING: This contains spoilers. If you didn't get to see Friday night's "Shark Tank" episode ( yet, check it out here before you read on.


That said--congratulations to Bambooee! Owners Noam and Irene Krasiansky walked away from Episode 517 of the ABC TV show with a new business partner. Lori Greiner from QVC struck a deal with the couple, acquiring 10 percent of their business for $200,000.


During the episode, Noam enthusiastically demonstrated how Bambooee paper towels and Bambooee floor scrubber cloths worked. His sales pitch had Kevin O'Leary saying he was one of the best salesmen that the self-proclaimed "eco-preneur" had ever met.


What was great about the appearance was that not only did Noam and Irene get to promote their product, but they also had a chance to talk about their commitment to going green. The entire segment of the show helped to raise awareness about paper waste and is sure to have introduced many people to the idea of unpaper towels for the first time.


You can check out both of the Bambooee products featured on the show here at Paperless Kitchen.    


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