Spring Green Cleaning: Tackling Your Kitchen Cabinets

Since spring is traditionally the time for major cleaning, we will be providing some simple tutorials for various cleaning tasks around the house throughout the month. For our first project, we'll be cleaning your kitchen cabinets, so get ready to get organized!

 What You'll Need:

 Eco Friendly Sponge 

White Vinegar

Hot Water


Eco Friendly Reusable Towel 

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


Optional: Nontoxic dinnerware to replace items with BPA 

Dish Sponge for washing any dusty dishes 


1. Start by emptying everything out of your cabinets. This is the perfect time to check any plastic dinnerware that you might own to ensure that it's not one of the three varieties known to contain toxins: PVC, PS and polycarbonate. When you take out your plastics, check the bottoms for the 3, 6 or 7 symbols. If you see any of these, the items may contain BPA, so you should consider replacing them. We have many nontoxic dinnerware options in our collection if you need replacements.

2. If you have any dishes or glassware that you don't use frequently, soak them in the sink to remove any dust, and then give them a good cleaning with a dish sponge like the Casabella Smart Scrub Soap Dispensing Sponge Brush.



3. Mix equal parts hot water and vinegar and wipe down the insides of your cabinets using a natural sponge.

4. Dry the cabinets with an eco-friendly reusable towel like the Full Circle in the Buff Green Dish Towel.



5. Put your dinnerware back inside.

6. Close the cabinet doors and wipe down the exterior with a microfiber cloth. We like the e-Cloth Furniture Pack, which is made especially for wood. The cloths remove up to 99.9 percent of household bacteria and can be used with just plain water.



7. Let the cabinets dry and feel good knowing you accomplished your first spring cleaning task the eco friendly way!




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Rose Gatters
Rose Gatters

December 15, 2014

Thanks a lot for sharing these eco friendly solutions! I buy natural cleaners but if there is a way to make them myself then it will be great. Thanks!


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