Vermont Taking Step to Better Control Toxins

We frequently feature posts about new studies concerning commonly used chemicals that have been found to be toxins. Scientific study of potential toxins is constantly revealing new threats, and one of the problems that comes with trying to restrict the use of those prospective toxins in products is the need to pass legislation.


States have the ability to ban toxins, but legislation must be voted on every time a new toxin is discovered. The Vermont Senate is now hoping to change that. The state has already passed bans or passed restrictive legislation on flame retardants, mercury, lead and BPA, and now, legislators are hoping to make it easier to add newly discovered toxins to controlled substance lists.


If passed S.239 will permit the Vermont Department of Health to add new chemicals to its restricted or banned list every other year without legislative approval. Should the bill pass, other states may one day follow suit, meaning that governments would be able to respond more quickly to the risks posed by toxins.


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