Spring Green Cleaning: Inside the Microwave

Last time, we spring cleaned your fridge and freezer. Now, it's time to tackle one of the dirtiest places in the kitchen--the microwave! This process will not only get the inside sparkling but will also help you eliminate any unpleasant odors.


What You'll Need:


Microfiber Cloth or Sponge 

Scrubber (optional) 

Hot Water

White vinegar

Microwave safe BPA-free bowl 

Lemon Juice


1. Unplug the microwave.

2. Fill up a microwave-safe BPA-free plastic or glass bowl with white vinegar and microwave it on high for 6 minutes. This will neutralize odors.

3. Fill up a bucket with hot water. Add a splash of lemon juice.

4. Wipe out the inside of the microwave with a microfiber cleaning cloth. For this appliance, I really like the Casabella Superglide Sponge. Its texture helps to loosen debris, and its perfectly sized for getting inside of the microwave.


5. If there are tough baked-on stains, use a green scouring cloth or scrub brush to tackle it. My pick is the Casabella Terry Scouring Cloth, which comes in a pack of four, so you'll have some for doing the dishes, too.

6. Plug the microwave back in and congratulate yourself on having the cleanest microwave in the neighborhood.





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