Spring Green Cleaning: Ovens

The oven is undoubtedly one of the messiest places in many kitchens, but not for long! This installment of our Spring Green Cleaning series will help you get your ovens spotlessly clean.


What You'll Need:



Scrub Brush

Microfiber Cloth

Hot Water

Eco-Friendly Towel

1. Remove the racks from your oven and let them soak in hot water for a few hours.

2. Tackle baked on messes first with the help of an eco-friendly scrub brush. The Casabella Maxi Brush Scrubber is great choice because of its size and durable bristles.



3. After you have removed visible burned on food, run over the entire inside of the oven with a microfiber cloth. The e-Cloth Non-scratch Scouring Cloth will provide extra cleaning power to remove dirt that can be difficult to see inside of the oven.



4. Clean the oven racks thoroughly with your scrub brush.

5. Dry the racks with an eco-friendly towel like the Full Circle In the Buff Dish Towel.



6. Close the oven door and give yourself a break! You have a clean oven.




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