Paperless Kitchen Introduces Yumi!

At Paperless Kitchen, we are always searching for the best eco-friendly products on the market. We are so excited to announce that we now carry Yumi Nature+™ and Yumi Return® products. These extraordinary products are an invaluable addition to your paperless kitchen. These products are perfect for picnics, parties and even everyday use! Yumi provides the perfect balance of style and functionality and you won’t want to use anything else!

Yumi Nature+™ products are the perfect "green" solutions for home, office or restaurant. These products are created from renewable bamboo fiber and they are durable, non-toxic and melamine free. Yumi Nature+™ products are made with revolutionary technology, which coverts bamboo fibers into a material that is sturdy and sustainable, unlike harsh petroleum-based plastics. Yumi Nature+™ will hold up to years of everyday use.

Features of Yumi Nature+™

  • 100% Melamine Free
  • Made from Bamboo Fibers
  • Petroleum Free
  • Reusable
  • Can be used for hot or cold foods
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Not microwavable

We offer a variety of bowls, plates, utensils, trays and even ice cream scoops! Yumi Nature+™ is a must have for any green kitchen! Available in a variety of colors to keep your kitchen bright and stylish!

Yumi Nature+™ will be a hit at your next dinner party! Whether you are looking for that pop of bright color or an elegant subtle style, Yumi has it all!

The second line of Yumi products we carry is called Yumi Return®. These revolutionary products are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to your plastic dinnerware. Yumi Return® are created from natural starch and are biodegradable, compostable, renewable and sustainable. They truly are “the throw away that goes away”®. These plates, cups, bowls and utensils are great for use with hot foods, sauces and oils.

 Features of Yumi Return®.

-Made from Natural Starch
-Microwave Safe



Yumi Return® plates are available in a variety of colors! They are so durable that you will hardly believe they are disposable plates! These plates are ideal for large family gatherings, holiday parties or simply everyday use!

The accompanying cups and utensils complete your eco-friendly gathering!

Yumi Return® is the perfect solution to those wasteful plastic products!

Why switch to Yumi products? What’s so bad about plastics anyway?

Did you know:

  • Every year, several billion tons of plastic are dumped in landfills across the United States
  • Plastics make up 15% of all solid waste in landfills
  • Traditional plastics contain toxins and can be harmful to your health
  • Plastics can last 1,000 years or more after they are thrown away

It’s time to make the switch to a greener kitchen today! Our line of Yumi products allows you to have a safe, environmentally friendly kitchen! Happy Shopping!



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