Leafware Dinnerware: The Eco-Friendly Disposable Alternative to Paper Plates!

Paperless Kitchen loves Leafware dinnerware! This unique line of disposable plates, bowls, trays and utensils is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to paper dinnerware products.

Leafware is perfect for eco-friendly date night! The plates look beautiful and clean up is so easy. You can feel confident that these plates are disposable, biodegradable and compostable!

These exquisitely crafted plates are made from fallen palm tree leaves. After the leaves are dried and sterilized, they are molded into these perfectly shaped square plates without any chemicals or adhesives added to the mix.

Leafware plates are the perfect addition to this Farmer’s Market dinner! These fashionable plates will surely impress your guests! 

The plates are made only from natural materials, meaning that they are biodegradable. Leafware plates are even suitable for composting and are accepted at many commercial composting facilities.

Leafware dinnerware is far more stylish than traditional paper products because of its unique materials. Sturdy and leak-resistant, this dinnerware is an excellent alternative to paper, plastic and Styrofoam counterparts.

Perfect for picnics, barbecues, holiday parties and even for a day on the boat!


These plates are our favorite go to disposable option for a variety of reasons!

We even use these guilt free disposable plates for our night of painting!

 Whatever the occasion, Leafware are the perfect option for eco-friendly disposable dinnerware!

 Head over to our Facebook Page and leave us pictures of you using your Leafware products! We would love to see your beautiful meals, picnics, parties and more!

Interested in trying Leafware? The Leafware Sample Kit is the perfect way to give this awesome disposable dinnerware a try!

To serve meals, salads, sides, soups and desserts, you'll get two 10" Leafware Dinner Plates , two 9" Leafware Lunch Plates, two 7" Leafware Salad Plates, two 5" Leafware Dessert Plates, two 3.5" Leafware Single Bite Plates, two 7" Round Bowls and two 5" Deep Square Bowls. Two 9" by 6" trays are also included. 


Leafware is truly a must have for any green kitchen!!

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