10 Tips For an Eco-Friendly Halloween

1) This Halloween, pay close attention to the candy you are giving out. Wegmans, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods carry a huge supply of organic candy! If possible, buy locally to support your local economy.


2) Choose candy and other sweets that have wrappers that can be recycled. Make sure to recycle all wrappers from your fun night of candy eating!



3) Use dishes, cups and utensils that are eco-friendly! Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to give up those convenient disposable plates! We carry disposable plates, bowls and utensils that will make clean up easy at any Halloween party. Leafware dinnerware is the disposable option you can feel good about!



4) Make your own Halloween costume! Shop your local thrift stores to create your perfect up cycled Halloween costume!   



5) Use items from around the house to decorate this holiday season. Pumpkins, branches and pinecones make great fall décor!        


6) Give out your candy this year in an eco-friendly bowl! We think our Yumi Salad Bowl in Pistachio Green is perfect for Halloween candy!




7) Carry a small garbage bag with you while you trick or treat! Pick up any candy wrappers other trick or treaters may have left behind!


8) Make your own fake blood! There are a ton of recipes online that use everyday ingredients. Skip the chemicals this year and grab the cornstarch and tropical fruit punch!

 9) Trick or Treat with a reusable bag! A pillowcase works great! 


 10) Have fun and make lasting memories!


Happy Halloween From Paperless Kitchen!

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