Paperless Kitchen Tested: Easy Greasy Strain & Save Colander Review

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm guilty of a really terrible kitchen sin. For years, when I brown ground turkey or beef, I've been rinsing out the pan and dumping the stuff down the drain. I mistakenly thought it was just a little bit of goop going down there, but boy, was I wrong. The Easy Greasy Strain & Save Kitchen Colander has shown me the error of my ways, thanks to this kitchen road test!

The Basics

The Easy Greasy is a kitchen colander that's designed specifically for draining greasy meats; however, you can use it for anything else that you'd ordinarily use a colander for. The idea behind the colander is that it holds the grease from cooking safely away inside of a container that is heat safe up to 260° Fahrenheit, so that you can safely dispose of it without dumping it down your drain, which can clog and damage your pipes, or into the garbage can, which can melt it and cause a really awful mess. The colander has a removable bowl that you place underneath it to capture that meaty greasy juice.

The Inspection

 I was impressed with the Easy Greasy before I even got all the packaging off of it. The colander is made out of a thick BPA plastic, and it's way sturdier than anything I currently own. With my usual colander, when you shake it, the thing wobbles a little and feels flimsy. 



The Easy Greasy is much more solid and weighty. I was excited to get started using it, so I got to cooking up some meat all the way!



The Draining

Once my meat was nice and brown, I got to draining. Now, full disclosure: I am a major klutz in the kitchen. Anytime I have to empty a hot pot to drain pasta or veggies, it ends up looking like a storm went through, so I was a little bit worried about how this meat draining business was going to go. But to my surprise, it was SO easy. The colander is completely hands-free so I was able to keep both hands on the pot. This really helped me keep the grease contained. And that's when it happened. I looked down and saw the amount of grease the little bit of meat I cooked had made. I was shocked at how much I had been dumping down the drain! 



The Takeaway

The Easy Greasy really is easy peasy to use. It's not just for meat either. You can also use it for all types of cooking tasks, and it's extra handy for recipes where you need to retain cooking liquid. It's bigger than most colanders, too, so it really comes in handy for anything. I usually find at least a small drawback to a product when I do these kitchen tests, but I really can't find a shortcoming with the Easy Greasy. It's by far my favorite product I've kitchen tested and I'd recommend it to anyone.

You can check it out for yourself and purchase one of your own here at Paperless Kitchen.


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