Top Green Reusables for Back to School

Last time, we showed you some biodegradable, low eco impact disposable solutions for school lunches, but those aren't the only green products out there for your kiddos to use this year. These reusable products can also come in handy for snacktime and hitting the cafeteria: 

1. Eco Lunchbox 3-in-One Set. Nobody wants to end up with a smashed sandwich or chips! These stainless steel lunch boxes are like suits of armor for sandwiches, sides and snacks. The set includes large, medium and small boxes, all of which are free of BPA, PVC, lead and vinyl.




2. ThinkSport Insulated 12 Oz. Water Bottles. Older kids and teens can stay hydrated all day with these BPA-free insulated water bottles. They have no-spill tops, and they come in a variety of stylish colors. Extra thick walls help to keep drinks cooler for longer, and the bottles are ergonomically designed for an easy grip.


3. Green Sprouts Aqua Bottles. Your preschooler or gradeschooler can sip water in a green way, too, with these adorable spill-proof bottles. Each one has a different animal friend on its front, and it's made entirely from BPA-free plastic.




4. Fit and Fresh Kids Cool Coolers. Looking for an icepack that isn't filled with toxic goo? These coolers are the perfect solution. They're 4-3/4 inches by 4-3/4 inches by 1/4 inch in size to fit in all types of lunch containers, and they keep things ice cold for hours. The liquids they contain are nontoxic, and the packs are free of BPA.


5. Fit and Fresh Kids Fruit and Salad Bowl. If you're sending fresh veggies or fruit to school with a sauce or dressing, this reusable bowl is guaranteed to come in handy. This unique container lets you keep dressing or dip in one compartment and the fresh goodies in the other. Kids just twist the lid to mix the two, shake, open and eat.


Got rave reviews for any of these reusables that you'd like to share with other green moms? Tell us about your experiences in the Comments section.

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