The Benefits of Organic Wool Diaper Covers

Making the choice to use cloth diapers instead of disposables goes hand in hand with having a paperless kitchen, as experts believe that it takes 200 to 250 years for just one disposable diaper to decompose. Clearly, choosing cloth diapers is a responsible way to protect the planet for our children, but there's no denying that cloth diapers present some challenges.

One way to combat many of the problems with cloth diapers is to use a fine quality diaper cover, and among the options available on the market, those made from organic wool are some of the best for a number of reasons.

- Sustainability Wool is a completely renewable resource. Each sheep typically produces more than 7 pounds of wool per shear, and it usually only takes one year for sheep to have enough wool for shearing.

- Animal-Friendly Organic farms use sheering methods that are gentle, and removing the wool helps keep sheep cooler during the hot summer months.

- Waterproof Sheep produce a natural oil known as lanolin, which is left behind in the wool. The oily texture of lanolin naturally repels water, so it makes diaper covers waterproof without the need for any chemical or synthetic additives.

- Breathable Wool allows air to circulate through its fibers, which helps cut down on the risk for diaper rash. The breathable nature of wool also makes the diaper covers cool during hot weather, yet cozy when it's cold outside.

- Antimicrobial To protect the sheep, wool is naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi. This makes wool diaper covers a sanitary choice.

- Easy Care Organic wool diaper covers are typically machine-washable. The durable fabric holds up well in the wash, allowing you to reuse the diaper covers with all of your children or give them to a friend when you're finished with them.

Have you tried organic wool diaper covers before? Share your experiences with us.

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September 03, 2012

Hi Betsy, thanks for sharing your comments. I’m glad the regular wool is working out for you. Please let us know how the experience goes! Was it hard to find organic wool covers?


September 02, 2012

I have just recently started to play around with wool. I bought one wool pull-on soaker to use over a snappi’d prefold at night. I like the breathability of it, especially since he will sleep for 8-10 hours straight now (and has since about 3 months old!) So far I love it! Since I only use it at night I only wash it once every couple of weeks. I just received my custom made pair of wool longies and lanolized them last night so they are still drying. Not real sure if either one is made from organic wool though =/

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