Melvita Organic Skin Care

When you turn a bottle of baby lotion around and read the ingredients, what you see there can be scary. So many products for babies' skin are full of chemicals, including ones that are known to cause allergic reactions and could pose a risk for cancer like parabens. You'll find many of those same chemicals in your own skin care products, too.

I'm always on the lookout for green products that I can use to further expand my eco-footprint, and one of the great brands that I’ve stumbled upon is Melvita, a French skin care collection. What drew me to Melvita originally was that the brand is certified by ECOCERT, an international organization that uses a very strict set of criteria for awarding its certified organic designation.

Even though I only learned about Melvita recently, the brand has been around since 1983 when it was founded by biologist Bernard Chevilliat. In his spare time, Chevilliat enjoys beekeeping, so many of the products contain organic beeswax and honey.

A major feature of the Melvita collection is the baby skin care line. The brand has an organic diaper cream, organic baby lotion and natural cleansers and tear-free shampoos for infants. The formulas are hypoallergenic to be gentle on babies' skin. too. For new and expectant moms, there's also a natural nipple cream and an organic stretch mark treatment in the Melvita range.

In the main skin care collection, Melvita bar soaps are the signature product. The soaps come in a variety of scents and all contain organic shea butter, so they don't dry out your skin the way many bar soaps do. My favorite fragrance is the Honeysuckle and Bergamot, but the Mint and Green Tea is really exhilarating in the shower. Melvita even makes a line of animal-shaped bar soaps for kids.

For the guys, Melvita offers organic shaving products, deodorants and a special line of skin care formulas. There's even organic hair care, toothpastes and feminine hygiene products in the Melvita range.

If you’re ready to ditch chemical-laden skin care for your health and for your family’s well-being, you can check out the Melvita website. Let us know what you think about the brand or if you’ve ever tried Melvita products before!

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La Clinica Organic Skin Care
La Clinica Organic Skin Care

September 28, 2012

Great article, organic skin care is much more good for our skin especially for babies compare to those chemical based skin care treatments.

Way to go!

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