The Ultimate Kitchen Road Test

In previous blog posts, my helpful kitchen assistant and I have put three different Twist products to the test. During our most recent trial, my assistant said he was surprised that there were so many green cleaning options for the kitchen. After explaining that different types of green scrubbers and eco-friendly sponges were good for specific tasks, I found myself wondering how the three Twist products would work to handle one big kitchen mess.

And so without further ado, I give you the Ultimate Kitchen Road Test!

For this kitchen road test, I brought back the large Twist Naked Sponge, the Twist Dish Dumpling Scrubber and the Twist Ravioli Scrubber and used them to take on my least favorite cleaning task--the oven.


I make a good effort to keep my oven clean, but as you can see, it did have a few spots of baked on gunk on the racks and at the bottom of the oven. The inside of the oven door was also greasy and needed a good wipe-down. My kitchen assistant and I used all three of the Twist products on the racks, oven bottom and walls and on the doors, and we were surprised by the results.

 Twist Dish Dumpling


The Dish Dumpling wasn't able to effectively lift away the baked-on grime on the oven bottom or walls, and it didn't seem to have much of an effect on the grease on the doors; however, the Dish Dumpling was the clear winner when it came to the racks. The shape and the layout of the fibers on the scubber made it easy to wrap it around the slats in the racks. We were able to remove dirt that I couldn't even see.

Twist Naked Sponge 


I found it awkward to navigate the Naked Sponge between the small spaces in the racks, but I think the smaller sponge may have been up for this job. For the walls and bottom of the oven, the Naked Sponge was able to remove one spot without any soap, but the other two major baked-on spots were too tough for it. The sponge was perfect for cleaning the door. Its surface lifted away the grease and left the doors looking spotless.

Twist Ravioli Scrubber


We used the Ravioli Scrubber last and were both astonished when the two difficult burn marks on the bottom of my oven were instantly lifted away. With some elbow grease, I removed all of the burned-on food without any soap at all. The shape of the scrubber made it less well suited to the rack, and the section of the door that I tried to clean became streaked from the scrubber.

The Takeaway

All three Twist products that I tried in the Ultimate Kitchen Road Test performed well for one particular task. For everyday dishwashing and cleaning, the three products have proved to be equally effective, but for big jobs, green cleaning teamwork is necessary.

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