Greening Plastics: Part Two, Meet Bonterra

To continue our series about greening plastics, I'd like you to meet Bonterra, an innovative plastic product created by Full Circle, a green cleaning company.

When you ask people why they're cutting back on the use of plastic in their homes, most will say that they're concerned about the chemicals that plastic contains or that they prefer to use biodegradable alternatives that break down in landfills. Most people don't realize that 10 percent of the petroleum used in the United States ends up in plastic. This means that every time a piece of plastic is made, we're using up some of the nonrenewable oil reserves of the world.

Instead of being fashioned from blends of petroleum and other chemicals, Bonterra is made from cellulose. Nearly all starchy plants can be used to produce cellulose, making Bonterra production incredibly sustainable. Bonterra is also biodegradable and free of BPA and other toxic additives found in traditional plastic.

Full Circle uses Bonterra in the heads of their bamboo scrub brushes and bamboo dish sponges. The plastic is every bit as flexible and sturdy as petroleum-based plastic. In fact, it's hard to tell that the plastic is a greener alternative just by touching it. Bonterra means "good Earth," and it's a fitting name; the plastic alternative is proof that by using the best of what the Earth has to offer, we can enjoy conveniences in our kitchens while still protecting the world outside of them.

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