Introducing Paperless Kitchen Kits! Making it Easier to Go Paperless in Your Home!

At Paperless Kitchen, we're always looking for ways to make it easier to go green and eliminate paper from our kitchens. During our own attempts to decrease our eco footprints, we've tried out the products that we carry and have realized that many of them work together. That gave us the idea to offer a simple way to set up a paperless kitchen--Paperless Kitchen kits.

Paperless Kitchen kits contain sustainable kitchen products and paper towel alternatives grouped together and sold at a discounted price. To start, we've introduced three Paperless Kitchen kits:

- Paperless Kitchen Starter Kit - Designed as an introductory package for those just beginning to add paper towel alternatives to their kitchens, this kit contains 5 SKOY towels, one PeopleTowels Reusable Hand Towel and one roll of the Bambooee Bamboo Towels. Priced at just $24, the kit is 30 percent off the price of purchasing the products separately.

- Paperless Kitchen Go Paperless Kit - This kit brings together 5 SKOY Cloths, a 6-pack of Full Circle Cellulose Cleaning Cloths and a Twist Loofah Sponge. Priced at just $34, this set is excellent for expanding your green cleaning products beyond basic paper towel replacements.

- Paperless Kitchen Party Kit - With this set, you'll get everything you need to set a green table for a party of eight and wipe it up when the party's over. Available for the low price of just $46, the kit includes the PeopleTowels 3 Day Supply, 8 Bambu Bamboo Veneerware Plates and the Bambu Veneerware Utensils Pack.

You’ll also enjoy free shipping when you purchase any of our kits or any of our other green cleaning products, sustainable kitchen products and paper towel alternatives.

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