Paperless Kitchen Tested: SKOY Green Cleaning Cloths Review

I am always eager to try the latest paper towel alternatives, so when I had the opportunity to try out the branded Paperless Kitchen SKOY cloths I was pretty excited. SKOY advertises that you can use one of its green cleaning cloths so many times that each one has the cleaning power of 15 rolls of paper towels. My kitchen assistant and I decided to put that to the test by using one of the cloths to tackle two jobs that I formerly used paper towels for before I switched to a paperless kitchen.

The Basics 


SKOY cloths are made from a blend of cotton and cellulose and are completely biodegradable. Unlike a paper towel, a fresh SKOY cloth is stiff and flat. I like this feature because the cloths easily stand up against the side wall of my cabinets, meaning I don't have to take up space on my counter top with a paper towel holder. The cloths are also much thicker than paper towels.


The Spill 


If you've checked out my other reviews, you'll know that I'm fond of the spill test. When I used paper towels, I almost always reached for them to handle liquid spills, so it always seems natural to put paper towel alternatives to a spill test. For this one, I used iced tea and placed a dry, fresh SKOY cloth on the edge of the spill. The towel began to absorb on contact and actually pulled the liquid off of the counter into its fibers. Even though I placed the cloth just on the edge of the mess, most of it was absorbed within one minute. Then, I moved the cloth and placed it over the remaining mess. The liquid was gone without any wiping at all, and my counter top didn't feel sticky.


The Rinse


After the spill was managed, I rinsed the SKOY cloth under cold water. The majority of the iced tea ran right off of the towel. Once I rang out the cloth and rinsed it again, there was some faint staining, but the cloth was clean and ready to be used again.


The Toaster 

In my former life as a paper towel user, I always used a wet towel to clean my toaster. I loved the convenience of being able to pick up the crumbs and then toss the cloth away. My kitchen assistant and I started with what I thought was a clean toaster (keep reading to find out about my big surprise!) and made ourselves 4 pieces of golden brown delicious toast. I wiped out the inside of the toaster with the SKOY cloth after we ate. Not only did the crumbs easily cling to the fibers, but the SKOY green cleaning cloth removed carbon and dirt that I didn't even realize was in the toaster!

The Takeaway

After using the SKOY cloth, I do believe that the green cleaning cloths are the equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels. To clean up my iced tea spill, I easily would have used three to four paper towel squares, and my toaster cleaning used as many as 10. After our kitchen test, the SKOY cloth barely seemed used and could certainly be reached for again and again.

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Karen Petersen
Karen Petersen

November 08, 2012

Great Review, I just wanted to point out that you should always wet the Skoy before using. It is just as absorbant if not more when damp. Also the stain even though faint may have washed right out. Thank you for supporting Skoy and The Paperless Kitchen.

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