Great Green Gifts for College Students for Under $30

Out of everyone on my holiday shopping list, my 21-year-old cousin always seems to cause the biggest shopping dilemma. Now that he's in college, it's hard to decide what gifts are both practical and "cool".

To help you find the perfect gift for that 18-to-20-something on your list, here's some affordable gift ideas for college students.

e-Cloth Screen Cleaning Pack - $16.99

Why It's Great: Laptops are used daily by college students. Their fingerprinted, grimy screens are proof of it! This set makes it easy to quickly and safely clean computer screens as well as the touch screens on cell phones and tablet computers. The kit also includes a spray that helps prevent fingerprinting and dirt from adhering to the screen after cleaning.

Why It's Green: The tiny fibers in the cloth make it possible to clean without chemicals, and the CleanSafe screen spray is free of harsh, synthetic ingredients that are bad for the planet.

Eco Lunch Box Kit - $26.00

Why It's Great: College students often eat lunches on the go, and these reusable containers keep sandwiches, crackers and other foods from getting smashed in backpacks and messenger bags.

Why It's Green: The metal containers are reusable, unlike paper bags. The green design is free of PVC, BPA, lead and vinyl.


Method Tub and Tile Wipes - $21.17

Why It's Great: While it may not seem exciting to purchase bathroom cleaning wipes, your favorite college student will appreciate being able to sanitize the communal showers and restrooms in his or her dorms.

Why It's Green: The wipes are 100 percent biodegradable and are free of toxins and harsh, synthetic bleaches.

You'll find all of these great green gifts here at Paperless Kitchen and enjoy free shipping on your order!

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