Great Apps and Programs to Help You Go Paperless

 Smart phones and tablet computers have made it easier than ever to make many aspects of your daily life completely paperless. I'm always on the hunt for ways that I can stop writing things down and use my handheld devices and laptop instead. Here's a rundown on some of my best finds for specific tasks that I used to use paper for. 

For Your To Do Lists

While there are many apps and programs for list keeping, my personal favorite is TeuxDeux. This unique program can be used in your web browser on your computer and is also available in the App Store for Apple products. TeuxDeux gives you a calendar that allows you to enter tasks, cross them off and move them from day to day. With the browser-based version, your information is saved, so that you can access it across multiple computers and devices.

For Your Notes to Self

Among the many note-taking programs out there, Evernote is by far my favorite. The free program allows you to save information easily and share it across all types of devices. You can download Evernote for use on your computer and purchase apps for iOs and Android devices.

For Your Shopping Lists

Grocery iQ has become an indispensable part of my grocery shopping. You can use the program to create online shopping lists, share your lists, find coupons and much more. In addition to the web app, there are also versions for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.

Do you have a favorite app or program that's helped you go paperless? We want to hear about it in the comments section!

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