Greening Your Dishwashing

 What do you wash your dishes with? You likely don't give much thought to the scrubber that you use to your do your dishes, but if you're concerned about greening your kitchen you should! The majority of the scrubbers available at big box stores are made from plastics and metals and greatly add to your eco-footprint. 

Here are some great ideas for how you can green dishwashing by making the switch to more eco-friendly products. 

- If you use Scouring Pads you're either contributing to the depletion of metal resources or using non-biodegradable plastic to get your dishes clean.

 Instead try the Twist Ravioli Scrubby. Designed to get into corners on baking dishes and glide easily over pots and pans, the scrubby performs as well as a scouring pad, but is made from natural cellulose, so it's biodegradable.

- If you use Brillo or S.O.S. pads, you’re contributing to the depletion of natural resources. Plus, the soap that they contain introduces chemicals to your dishwater. 

Instead try the e-Cloth Washing Up Pad. This two-sided scrubber allows you to loosen baked-on grime and wipe dishes with one convenient tool. Plus, its unique fiber network cleans without the need for soap!

- If you use a Scrub Brush, the handle is likely made from non-biodegradable plastic or non-renewable hardwood, and the bristles are either petrochemical-based plastic or metal.

Instead try the Full Circle Laid Back Dish Brush. The handle on this brush is made from sustainable certified organic bamboo, and its bristles are plant-based Bonterra plastic. The scrub brush heads are also replaceable, which cuts down on waste.

- If you use a Sponge, you're relying on chemically-derived fibers laden with synthetic dyes.

Instead try the Twist Naked Sponge. This heavy-duty sponge is more durable than many ordinary sponges and is made from plant-cellulose, so it's biodegradable.

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patricia parsons
patricia parsons

January 04, 2013

WONDERFUL ideas i would love to try the paper towel replacement and the sponge to replace SOS pads also would like a vegetable scrubber if you make one

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