Traveling with Cloth Diapers

We know that many of our Paperless Kitchen blog readers are moms and dads and that a big part of green parenting is opting for cloth diapers instead of traditional disposables. When I talk to parents, one of biggest roadblocks to entirely cloth diapering that they describe is travel.

 Whether you're just going on a day outing or planning a vacation, you can easily take cloth diapers with you on the road with some planning. Here are some tips for traveling with cloth diapers to help you take your kiddos anywhere with little hassle.

 - Invest in a waterproof laundry bag that fits inside of your diaper bag. Use it to hold soiled diapers until you return home or can hit a laundromat while traveling.

 - To cut down on smells, store your laundry bag in a nontoxic plastic or stainless steel food storage container with a tight-fitting lid. We recommend Preserve Large Food Storage Containers, which are crafted from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic.

 - Dress your baby in loose clothing, which is less likely to draw moisture away from diapers.

 - Carry a spare cover for your car seat in your diaper bag and make sure you pack an extra change of clothes in case of accidents.

 - If you'll be away from home for an extended period of time and will need a place to wash diapers, use the iPhone/iPad app Laundromatic, to find laundromat locations near you.

 - Some hotels that offer laundry service for guests may be willing to wash cloth diapers upon request as a complimentary or fee-based service.

 Do you use cloth diapers? Share your tricks for traveling with cloth diapers in the "Comments" section.

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