Sally Jewell from REI Nominated for Cabinet Position

 When you look back at the history of the Department of Interior, the individuals chosen to serve as its leader have differed in their political affiliations, but all  have come from political backgrounds nonetheless.

 Former senators, U.S. representatives, governors and state attorney generals have all held the post. As the world awaited President Obama's nomination for the now vacant cabinet, pundits speculated that his choice would be an individual with a similar background. The President, however, has made a more surprising choice.

 This week Obama announced that Sally Jewell, the CEO of REI, is his choice for the cabinet position, which carries the responsibility of managing federally owned lands, including the National Parks system.

 Although her nomination was a surprise, Jewell is a logical choice for the secretary position. She has long been an advocate for wildlands and is deeply devoted to the care and conservation of the planet. Jewell also brings the experience of running a very successful corporation to the table, something that will undoubtedly aid her in her new role. Her diverse background also includes a degree in oil engineering and jobs in the financial sector, making her uniquely able to understand the nuances of drilling for oil on federal lands.

 If confirmed, Jewell will only be the second woman ever to hold the cabinet position. As of this time, dates for her confirmation hearings have not yet been announced.

 Paperless Kitchen wishes to congratulate Sally Jewell on her nomination and commend President Obama for thinking outside the box when filling this cabinet role that is so important to preserving our nation's wildlands.

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