When we think about taking steps to reduce waste in our paperless kitchens and beyond, finding ways to avoid using paper towels, plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups all readily come to mind. But how often do we think about the drinking straws that we sip from when we get cold drinks to go? 

The 1:1 Movement is trying to change the way we think about using drinking straws in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Currently, about 60 million drinking straws end up in garbage cans across the United States each day. That represents a huge amount of plastic waste and a drain on our precious oil supplies, as most straws are made from petrochemicals.

To help spread awareness and urge businesses and individuals to make changes, The 1:1 Movement is currently sponsoring a Straw Pledge. Businesses who make the pledge vow to only offer plastic drinking straws to those who request them. Individuals are encouraged to say, "Hold the straw" when they order cold beverages.

The 1:1 Movement Straw Pledge focuses on the San Diego area, but the group is prepared to help people in other cities spread the word and start similar campaigns in their own communities. We urge everyone to visit the site to learn more, take the pledge and get involved.

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