Full Circle is one of our most popular brands, thanks to the innovative, unique designs of the company's green cleaning products. Recently, we've had the opportunity to add some new Full Circle products to our lineup, so we wanted to devote some blog posts to introducing them.

Some of the products that we're most excited about are great paper towel replacements for the kitchen. They include:

- Full Circle In the Buff Dish Towels - We've had In the Buff Dish Towels available in the Natural, un-dyed color since our store opened, and now, we're pleased to offer In the Buff Dish Towels in Blue and in Green. The towels are vibrant in color, thanks to the inclusion of eco-friendly, low-impact dyes. Like the Natural towels, our In the Buff towels are made from 70 percent naturally antibacterial bamboo and 30 percent certified organic cotton. The towels are great for drying dishes and hands, wiping counter tops and sopping up spills.

- Full Circle Stick 'Em Up Dish Towel Value Pack - We can't say enough good things about the Stick 'Em Up Dish Towel, and neither can our customers. The towel has a magnet sewn into its bamboo-organic cotton fabric, so that you can keep it at the ready on the side of your refrigerator. Because so many of our customers are returning to our site to stock up on these great magnetic dish towels, we've added a value pack to our inventory that gives you one dozen towels at a great price.

- Full Circle The Edge Cloth - This double-sided cloth is great for replacing paper towels for cleaning. A microfiber cloth on one side picks up crumbs and debris and can absorb spills very easily. The other side has a loofah texture that makes it perfect for tasks that need some elbow grease but that are too delicate for a scrubber.

What do you think of our new Full Circle cloth and towel options? Share your opinions in the Comments section.

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